Our Eco Philosophy

Why soy wax?

Soy wax is made from soybeans, and free from chemicals such as paraffin which contaminate the air you breathe. We believe that 100% soy wax is the only way to go. Here are the reasons why:

Soy wax is cleaner burning

It has a beautiful silky matte finish

It's longer lasting

It is easy to clean up if you should spill wax anywhere

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

There is no black soot or smoke because it is not a petroleum product like paraffin

We are left with lots of wine and beer bottle halves, and we believe these could be re-used for DIY projects. There are some great ideas on Pinterest, and we are happy to provide the tops to people who would like to use them for something. They can be used in pendant lights, pottery, and in the garden. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Good Advice

We recommend you let your candle burn for one to four hours the first time you light your candle. The wax should melt all the way to the outside of the candle to prevent tunnelling. Tunnelling is where unmelted wax is left around the edges, resulting in a hollow in your candle and reducing fragrance throw and burn time.

Always trim the wicks of your candle back to around 7mm once your candle has cooled. This will ensure you get a clean and even burn.

We recommend you stop burning your candle once there is 10mm of wax left. Do not burn the candle when there is little or no wax in the container. This is because once the wax level goes below that point, there will not be enough wax left to absorb the heat from the wick which could result in the glass vessel cracking.

Soy wax is easy to clean away when you have finished burning your candle. Just clean the vessel with hot soapy water and it can be reused for many things. With its attractive timber lid, it will look good in any home or office.

Special Thanks

Ryan & Co Candlemakers would like to thank the Market Eating House for kindly supplying us with used wine bottles. With their similar beliefs and commitment to sustainability, together we are doing our bit towards making a healthier planet.

Thank you to Margaret River Distilling Co., the home of Giniversity, for supplying empty gin bottles which we recycle as Eco Reed Diffusers.

Many thanks also to St. Aidens Wines, Willow Bridge Estate, Hackersley Estate Wines and the Burlington Hotel for their generosity.

We would also like to thank the numerous sporting clubs that donate their used wine and beer bottles. Also many thanks to all the amazing people who kindly put their used bottles aside for us. We feel privileged to have the support of our wonderful community.